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Discover the history of Saint-Malo with family, friends or in a group with a tour of Saint-Malo. You can admire the beauty of Saint-Malo Intramuros and its magnificient bay. We are waiting for you at "Esplanade Saint-Vincent" to board the city's tourist train !
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An extraordinary tour

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Go to Esplanade Saint-Vincent (between the tourist office and the castle) for a visit to the corsair city!
Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or group reservation request, preferably via our contact form below, or by phone: +33 (0)

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Discover the history of Saint-Malo

The Corsairs adventure

Do you know the difference between a privateer and a pirate ? Their story ?

The most famous men from the corsair city

Robert Surcouf, François-René de Chateaubriand, Jacques Cartier... They made the reputation of Saint-Malo !

The fire and the reconstruction

The city was 80% destroyed. Discover the oldest places and mansions which have been reconstructed.

The heyday of the city and its development

The heyday of the corsair city ends with the French Revolution. Today it still developing

" NI Français, ni Breton, Malouin suis "


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