• Le Petit Train de Saint-Malo, un guide idéal pour visiter la cité

The Visit

Discover Saint-Malo otherwise !!!

Departure and Arrival Petit Train : Esplanade Saint Vincent next to Tourist Office 

Allow me to introduce myself, I am "Le Vagabond" Saint-Malo's one and only Little Train. Since May 1988, my purpose is to help you discover the treasures of my birthplace -the Corsair city of Saint-Malo (forbidden to coaches) and the magnificent bay.


Main entrance to the walled city. Above the right arch, the arms of Brittany, on the left the arms de Saint-Malo with the motto of Saint-Malo : « Semper Fidelis » which in latin means « will always be reliable ».


Saint-Vincent 's Cathedral : Inside, one can see Jacques Cartier's cenotaph ...


Saint Peter's Gate : near this gate, the old kennels of « Chiens du Guet » : during 6 centuries 24 mastiff dogs were released on the beaches in order to protect the boats berthed in the bay from robbers .


The area of the East India Company. In the 17th and 18th centuries : a quarter of France's wealth was amassed in Saint-Malo.


Discover the biggest spring tides in Europe and the heritage-conscious reconstruction of the walled city after the 2nd world war.